This weekend is the long Easter Weekend, and to every parent with kids knows that this means a special Rabbit is going to visit and leave magical chocolatey gifts. Also known as Mom and Dad going to buy candy from grocery stores, then act surprised when the little ones magically find it.

But the one thing that I love about Easter, is just that! Bean loves candy, and this year when he finds a giant Easter Egg waiting for him in the living room, will bring him so much joy and happiness. And as he gets older he will go on Easter Egg hunts and learn of the Easter Bunny, waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of this amazing Rabbit in his act of chocolatey glory.

I really forgot the magic of a holiday before Bean was born, there was no excitement in waking up early for Santa Claus, or getting money from the Tooth Fairy. And on Easter you'd buy your own Egg instead of getting one from a Rabbit (why a Rabbit of all things?). All of that seems so unimportant to a rational adult. Easter is about Dinner as you get older, but to a kid it's about the magic of a Magic Rabbit who gives us Chocolate, and family, and, of course, food!

Bean has started to give me back that magical spirit of Holidays, and I have realised something from it. In life, it seems, that you get Magic from the Holidays 3 times in your life; The First time is as a child, when you have that innocence as a kid and believe in wonders of the Holidays. The Second time is when you have children, because you love to see their hope and wondrous eyes eager with anticipation, and try everything you can to keep the magic alive. The Third time is when you have grandchildren, and that spark is lite once more.

I can't wait for what magic our future holds. I can't wait to host Easter Egg hunts, to bake cookies for Santa and hide presents until Christmas Eve, to quietly swap teeth for money, to tell tales of magical creatures in magical lands, of Reindeer that fly, of Jack Frost and his nose nipping, of Ghosts and Ghouls and Witches as we go Trick-or-Treating in our costumes.

Life is about hope, and what gives us more hope than that?

From our world, to yours,
Happy Easter

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