Recently, I've been feeling experimental with recipes, and although so many have failed miserably, there's always one dish that never fails to impress all of the family. My Mother in Law's easy Shepherds Pie (with a twist).

Now I do warn you, if you or anyone in the family is lactose intolerant, this may not be the dish for them as it's got lots of milk and butter in it. I myself am lactose intolerant, and I always regret indulging myself in this, but it tastes incredible so it's worth it for me!

Betty Crocker Instant Mash Potatoes 3 pouches/1.5 boxes
Cream of Corn 2 cans
Frozen corn Half a Bag
Hamburger Meat

METHOD (Preheat oven to 425°F)

  1. Cook the hamburger meat thoroughly until brown inside. (Roughly around 30-40 mins). Layer it evenly at the bottom of a glass or non-stick aluminum pan.
  2. Cook the cream of corn and frozen corn. You can do this stovetop (roughly 15 mins each type) or in the microwave (4 mins for cream of corn, 6-8 mins for frozen corn).
  3. Mix both types of corn together in a mixing bowl. Layer it evenly on top of hamburger meat.
  4. Make the mashed potatoes on stovetop according to box instructions - however instead of using regular milk, use 3.25% (homogenized) for a tastier, creamer taste. Layer it evenly on top of corn.
  5. Place the pan in the oven for 35 mins.

Enjoy! Leave a comment if you tried and enjoyed it!

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