Recently, we've been taking Bean on walks around our Apartment, and outside, with his new shoes (that FLASH - which he's very proud of!) and it's amazing to watch him master new things everyday. Today he went faster down the stairs, which he really struggled with a week ago when introduced. And it's made me think back to a year ago.

A year ago today, Bean was just 6 months old, barely crawling, and still in onesies. Today, he's 17 months old, walking, running, making a mess everywhere, talking, and sassy as hell.

It feels like it was just yesterday that Hubs and I brought him home from the Hospital, a tiny 8lbs newborn, with a head full of thick black hair, the size of my arm and nothing more. But so much has changed in a short 17 months time. He learnt to talk, walk, climb, run, turn toys off and on, he knows what food he likes, and dislikes, and what shows he loves, and hates, and his hair has become a curly, bright orange.

So many people told me that he was going to grow up quickly, and that I should cherish it while I could. But I didn't listen, and I don't think many people do. We think 'Oh 2 years, that's a lot of time!' but we don't realise that it goes by in the blink of an eye.

Before we know it, we're buying a new wardrobe every season, new shoes every 6 months, bigger diapers, potties, older age toys, learning to colour and draw, eating more foods than we used to even before a baby, watching cartoons and becoming involved in the storylines, and singing nursery rhymes.

I've heard so many parents say 'if I could go back in time and cherish those moments', but I don't think that I would. Because not cherishing it while I could is teaching me to cherish as we go forward. To take some photos, but throw myself into the memory more. To engage with him more, talk more, play more, laugh more.

I've learnt so much this past year. I've learnt to capture every second, I've learnt to love things I used to hate, I've learnt to smile more, I've learnt that Instant Pots are an absolute life saver, I've learnt that Cartoons are funnier as you get older (and I now appreciate the adult jokes hidden in there), I've learnt that walks can be fun, that there's magic to every holiday, and to love every day as if it is the last I get.

Before Bean, I struggled a lot with my mental health and happiness. I rarely left the house, rarely smiled or laughed, didn't care for education or cleanliness, and had no motivation at all.

Now, I'm smiling and laughing daily, going back to School in Fall, learning to drive, having fun, and motivated to become the best version of myself that I can be. And most of all, the best Mother I can be.

Kids grow up so quickly, and it's true. Cherish every moment that you can, but most importantly, remember that you grow with your kids every day. And life isn't meant for seriousness.

As a wise man once told me, Life is for the Living, and Death is for the Dying.

From our world, to yours,

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