We don't need a weather forecast to realise that summer is quickly approaching, and for those of us who have toddlers that grow faster than magic beans, that means it's time for a whole new wardrobe. But recently, while window shopping on multiple of our favorite clothing stores, it's dawned on me that a new wardrobe is super expensive. I can already feel my bank account start to cry.

So, I sat back and I started to question how many items of clothes Bean would actually use, and whether overspending is worth it for brand or for a season. Because let's be honest, there will be melted ice creams and popsicle sticks, and juice spills, and sand, and so much sweat, that unlike the 5 sweaters and 6 long-sleeve shirts and 8 sweatpants we have for winter, we really will need a lot more for summer. But how much is too much?

My favorite stores to buy clothes for Bean are Carters, The Children's Place and Old Navy. Which are also some of the more expensive ones that I could shop at. I do honestly find that when you have a big kid, the quality of clothing are better, and the sizes tend to be more fitting. Bean, at only 16 months, is the height and weight of an average 3 year old, tethering way above the 98th percentile. So for him, when I buy a 3T I feel super bummed out for him if the quality leaves them fitting more at 24months.

And so, we're currently looking at almost $250 for a summer wardrobe that fits, including Tshirts, shorts, shoes, swim suits and everything else a child could need. If you live in Eastern Ontario, you know just how hot summer can get. Last year it was 30° + humidity on the daily, and even AC couldn't take the sweat off your skin. Malls were swamped, pools were overcrowded, and the sweat was everywhere. So this summer I want to be more prepared.

Now, before I share how many things I plan to buy, please feel free to keep an open mind and let me know if you think I'm overdoing it. I just feel like the more I get, the better, because I know that small hands and cool but meltable treats leave for stained shirts.

After lots of consideration, between 3 different stores, we plan to get:

  • 15 pairs of tshirts
  • 13 pairs of tank tops
  • 10 pairs of shorts
  • 4 pairs of pajamas
  • 2 pairs of dress shirts (one short sleeve and one long sleeve)
  • 2x 6-pack of socks
  • 2 swimsuits
  • 2 hats
  • 1 pair of chinos
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 1 pair of regular day shoes
  • 1 pair of water shoes

So, reading that back, it probably is way too much, but we had so much more last summer (when Bean was 6 months old), and he definitely ruined at least over half so that we couldn't keep them.

And, of course, we're ordering online. But if we decide that we actually don't need any of it when it arrives, we will be sending them back. I'll keep you updated on that one.

But when it comes down to figuring out when it becomes too much, I think that depends on each child and each parent. My husband wanted to get Bean so much more, but I thought 7 pairs of everything was enough. Ultimately we went in between the two of us, but I also know Bean well enough that he loves to make as much mess as he can, and that means sticky stains on wonderful clothes that, if we decide to have another, we can't ever use again. I will, of course, write an update on what we actually decide to get when we do!

So, on that note, get your AC units ready, stock up on popsicles while they're still cheap, make sure your sun lotion is in date, and I can't stress enough how important sunglasses and hats are for little ones. Especially if your little one is easily burnt!!

Enjoy the rain while it lasts.

From our world to yours,

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